This time its an app for kids, It was basically an app for kids to learn alphabets, numbers,.....

13/07/2014 00:41

This time i had enough time to develop a small app for kids. This app was developed in order to help kids learn alphabets, numbers. By using this app any kid will learn alphabets, numbers and its pronunciation too. Kid can also learn months, weeks, multiplication table and so on. I still remember my childhood days. I used to get chalk piece and a black board and play with it. But now the scenario is completely changed. Almost no where black board and chalk piece is being used. In this digital world i though it would be good to provide a digital platform where a kid can use a android based smart phone/tablet as a digital black board. That is one of the reason why i included a digital black board option in the app. Here's the link of the app : Kids ABCD App


I hope your kids will like this. You can write feedback, so that it will help me in adding new features to the app to make it more colorful :) :)


Tourism Info App finally released for Mysore a city in India (Karnataka)

13/07/2014 00:24

It was in April-2014, when i first released a beta version of mysore tourism app to the google play store. Finally my effort paid me of well. I got around 500 downloads with in 3 months. Even though 500 is not a big number, for the target audience that i had, it was defnitely a big number.


I was eager enough in relasing the next version of the app. Couple of bugs were fixed, data was refined, user interface were slightly modified. I finally uploaded the next version of the app to the play store. Here's the link for you : MYSORE INFO APP . I am sure you people will love it. You should give a shot in order to experience it.


Guys  you are most welcome to write the feed back. I would love to hear from you


Beta version of Tourism App for Mysore City, Karnataka, India

13/04/2014 01:25

Hi guys. I have been busy these days doing some unwanted things. So i was not able to update my blog. Let me talk about the app that i have recently developed for android market. I have been observing from past few years that the number of visitors to mysore is increasing every year exponentially.The visitors come from different parts of India. Not only from India, people come from different parts of the World too..


People visit Mysore because of several reasons. They come here to understand the culture of the ciy, sight seeing, yoga and many more.... In order to help the people who visits Mysore, I have developed an android app called Mysore Tourism App- A Pocket Tourism Guide for google android play store.


The app is running as a beta version. It consists of different options like places in mysore, around mysore. Not only that, it also lists resturants, places for accomodation, yoga centers along with their contact details.The app is also integrated with the google maps.


Even though the app is running on beta version, i am sure that you people will love it. Options are provided in the app where in, users can also suggests some information to the app. The data suggested will be verified and then updated to the app.

So kindly load the app to into your android device.Feel free to throw the feedback on me..

Here is the screen shot of the app.

Here's the link to google android play store : Mysore Tourism Android App

Soon going to come are some of tutorials

26/03/2014 19:53

Hey guys.. Its been very long, i was quite busy, but soon i will be releasing a set of tutorials for you people. Hope it will be useful