This time its an app for kids, It was basically an app for kids to learn alphabets, numbers,.....

13/07/2014 00:41

This time i had enough time to develop a small app for kids. This app was developed in order to help kids learn alphabets, numbers. By using this app any kid will learn alphabets, numbers and its pronunciation too. Kid can also learn months, weeks, multiplication table and so on. I still remember my childhood days. I used to get chalk piece and a black board and play with it. But now the scenario is completely changed. Almost no where black board and chalk piece is being used. In this digital world i though it would be good to provide a digital platform where a kid can use a android based smart phone/tablet as a digital black board. That is one of the reason why i included a digital black board option in the app. Here's the link of the app : Kids ABCD App


I hope your kids will like this. You can write feedback, so that it will help me in adding new features to the app to make it more colorful :) :)