Tourism Info App finally released for Mysore a city in India (Karnataka)

13/07/2014 00:24

It was in April-2014, when i first released a beta version of mysore tourism app to the google play store. Finally my effort paid me of well. I got around 500 downloads with in 3 months. Even though 500 is not a big number, for the target audience that i had, it was defnitely a big number.


I was eager enough in relasing the next version of the app. Couple of bugs were fixed, data was refined, user interface were slightly modified. I finally uploaded the next version of the app to the play store. Here's the link for you : MYSORE INFO APP . I am sure you people will love it. You should give a shot in order to experience it.


Guys  you are most welcome to write the feed back. I would love to hear from you